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    Our CurveWow Ladies are the face of CurveWow and we love them!
    We think women should celebrate their curves and our gorgeous models do exactly that

    The CurveWow Ladies


    Tina is the newest member of the CurveWow ladies and a gorgeous plus size model and mum. Whether she's on a shoot or out and about, Tina's a selfie queen. You'll find her camera in hand asking her friends to take her picture. Confident, sassy and gorgeous - we love her!

    Waist - 34"
    Hips - 39"
    Chest - 34.5"
    Bust - 41"
    UK Size 16 | 5'7"


    Rosie is a member of the Curve Square and a winner of SimpleBe's Competition, she has worked with IMG Models and walked the runways in NYC - Not bad eh?

    Waist - 36.5"
    Hips - 42"
    Chest - 40"
    Bust - 45"
    UK Size 16 | 5'8"















    Rebecca is a gorgeous plus size model, mum and strong woman, competing in competitions all over the UK. Fun, happy and addicted to Yo! Sushi, she's the ideal advocate for CurveWow and we love her! 

    UK Size 16 | 5'6"


    Elise is our newest CurveWow model. She is from Manchester and always puts a smile on everyone's face. She's fun, an amazing Mum and of course she's stunning! We love Elise. 

    UK size 24 | 5'7
















    Amy loves the sunshine and i would do anything to be next to a pool with a cocktail in hand.  She is a Mum of one to a little boy and they love being in the garden enjoying everything outside. 

    Her style is classy comfortable feminine clothes, her go to outfit would be black skinny jeans and a really pretty top.
    Amy has been modelling since just 17!
    UK size 20 | 5'11
















    Mel is new to modelling but we think she's doing a great job. Mel is an outgoing, bubbly and caring person by nature. She's also a super Mum like most of our stunning models. 

    UK size 18 | 5'10